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BTC Domains is a platform that strives to offer a seamless and user-friendly name service to the Bitcoin community. It is designed to provide an experience similar to Ethereum Name Service (ENS) by offering a wide range of name-related services, including name registration, name resolution, and other related services.

BTC Domain's primary goal is to provide a simple and efficient way for users to associate human-readable names with their Bitcoin addresses. With this service, users no longer have to remember long and complicated Bitcoin addresses to receive payments or send transactions. Instead, they can register a name, such as "joey.btc," and associate it with their Bitcoin address. When someone wants to send them funds, they can simply enter "joey.btc" instead of the long Bitcoin address, making transactions more convenient and accessible.

By using BTC Domain's name service, users can easily manage and update their Bitcoin addresses without having to change their associated name. This makes it a convenient solution for businesses, charities, and individuals who want to create a permanent and recognizable identity for their Bitcoin transactions.

In summary, BTC Domain is dedicated to providing an efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use name service for the Bitcoin community. By simplifying the process of mapping human-readable names to machine-readable Bitcoin addresses, BTC Domain aims to make Bitcoin transactions more accessible and convenient for everyone.

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In the BTC domains system, each domain is associated with a single inscription. This ensures that each domain has a unique identifier, and that there is no confusion or overlap between different domains. When a domain is registered, it is automatically associated with the owner of the corresponding inscription. This means that the owner of a particular inscription has control over the domain associated with it.

To ensure the uniqueness of each domain, BTCdomains uses a signature system. Whenever a new name is registered, BTCdomains generates a signature and publishes it to the BTC chain using ordinal. This signature is unique to the domain, and serves as a way to verify that the domain is legitimate and has not been duplicated or tampered with.

Once a domain has been registered and its signature has been published to the BTC chain, any attempts to register a new inscription with the same name will be refused. This ensures that each domain remains unique, and that there is no confusion or conflict between different domains.

In addition to the signature system, BTCdomains also uses a locking system to further ensure the uniqueness of each domain. This locking system is discussed in more detail in the domain staut, which outlines the specific rules and regulations governing the registration and use of BTC domains.

Overall, the combination of the signature system and the locking system ensures that each domain in the BTC domains system is unique and secure, and that the associated inscription is controlled by the rightful owner. This provides a reliable and trustworthy way for individuals and organizations to register and use domains on the BTC chain.

Bitcoin native

Bitcoin serves as a public transaction database, securely and transparently storing every Bitcoin transaction. BTCdomains, a platform that enables users to register Bitcoin-based domain names, capitalizes on the Bitcoin blockchain as its sole infrastructure.

By utilizing the Bitcoin blockchain, BTCdomains guarantees that all data related to its domain name registrations is stored on a single, reliable, and immutable blockchain, that being Bitcoin itself. This approach eliminates the need for a separate token or alternative blockchain to manage domain name registrations, as Bitcoin provides all the necessary functionality.

Furthermore, using Bitcoin as the exclusive infrastructure for BTCdomains offers a high degree of security and transparency. The Bitcoin blockchain's decentralized nature, maintained by a global network of nodes, makes it resistant to tampering and censorship. This resilience ensures that BTCdomains' domain name registrations remain secure and cannot be altered or deleted by any single entity.

In conclusion, Bitcoin serves as the optimal infrastructure to power BTCdomains. By leveraging the security and reliability of the Bitcoin blockchain, BTCdomains ensures that its users can confidently register and manage their blockchain-based domain names in a secure environment.


A domain name is more than a mere decoration; it is an essential component in establishing a strong online presence. It serves as a unique identifier that enables individuals and businesses to differentiate themselves in a competitive digital landscape. Crucially, a domain name should be functional and user-friendly.

BTC Domain acknowledges the importance of functional domain names and has integrated its platform with mainstream wallets to offer users a seamless experience. By connecting with popular cryptocurrency wallets, BTC Domain simplifies domain management and facilitates interaction with the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Resolvability plays a significant role in BTC Domain's functionality, ensuring that users can easily access decentralized websites and services through memorable domain names. This feature underscores the practicality and usability of the platform's domain names, making them indispensable for a wide range of projects.

As the blockchain space continues to grow, the demand for unique and identifiable domain names increases. BTC Domain is well-positioned to meet this demand by offering a platform for individuals and businesses to register blockchain-based domain names with a strong emphasis on resolvability.

The adoption of BTC Domain in numerous projects demonstrates the value and utility of its domain names. By offering a platform that seamlessly integrates with mainstream wallets and prioritizes resolvability, BTC Domain provides users with an efficient and practical solution for managing their blockchain-based domain names.

In conclusion, a domain name should be viewed as a valuable tool that can enhance an individual's or business's online presence, rather than just an ornament. BTC Domain recognizes this fact, integrating its platform with mainstream wallets and emerging as a widely adopted solution for registering blockchain-based domain names that emphasize resolvability.

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