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Why service fee is neceassry?

The statement highlights the importance of domains as more than just a decorative element but as a useful and powerful identifier. In order to fully leverage the potential of domains, it is necessary to have a reasonable business model and economic incentives that support their usage.
A domain name should be more than just a string of characters, it should be able to help businesses and individuals establish their online presence and effectively communicate their brand or message. A reasonable business model that supports the development and management of domain names is essential for achieving this objective.
In addition, a reasonable service fee that is affordable and transparent can help to encourage wider usage of domain names. This wider usage can create a network effect, where more people using domain names increases the overall value of domains.
Compared to the inevitable ordinal gas fee associated with many transactions, a reasonable service fee can provide a wider usage scene and add more value to domain names. By incentivizing the use of domains through economic benefits, it is possible to create a thriving ecosystem that benefits both businesses and individuals. Overall, the key to maximizing the potential of domains is to strike the right balance between economic incentives, usability, and affordability.