Q1:What is the difference between BTC Domain and btc.us?


BTC.us is a digital asset that has been developed on the STX network, which functions as a side chain of Bitcoin (BTC). This means that BTC.us is a separate blockchain that is linked to the Bitcoin network but operates independently of it.

In contrast, the BTC Domain operates purely on the Bitcoin blockchain, which means that it is built on the same chain as Bitcoin and uses its infrastructure exclusively. This means that no other blockchain is involved in the creation or maintenance of the BTC Domain.

Overall, these distinctions highlight the diversity and complexity of the blockchain ecosystem, which features multiple networks and protocols that can interact in a variety of ways. By understanding these differences, users can better appreciate the unique features and benefits of each blockchain and make informed decisions about how to engage with them.

Q2:What is the difference between BTC Domain and .sats?


The BTC domain is a unique and highly distinguishable domain name that is specific to Bitcoin transactions and related activities. It provides a clear and easily recognizable way for users to navigate to websites, applications, and other resources that are focused on Bitcoin and its associated technologies. Additionally, BTC domains come with a resolver service that enables efficient and reliable routing of Bitcoin-related traffic, ensuring that users are always able to access the resources they need.

In contrast, the .sats domain is repeatable and does not offer the same level of specificity and clarity as the BTC domain. While .sats domains can be used for Bitcoin-related activities, they are not exclusively dedicated to this purpose and may be used for a variety of other applications as well. Additionally, because .sats domains are repeatable, they may be less effective at providing a clear and distinctive brand identity or online presence for Bitcoin-related businesses and organizations. However, .sats domains may still be useful for individuals and organizations looking to establish a presence in the cryptocurrency space, particularly if they are seeking a more generic domain name that is not tied specifically to Bitcoin.

Q3:Why need service fee?

A3:The statement highlights the importance of domains as more than just a decorative element but as a useful and powerful identifier. In order to fully leverage the potential of domains, it is necessary to have a reasonable business model and economic incentives that support their usage.

A domain name should be more than just a string of characters, it should be able to help businesses and individuals establish their online presence and effectively communicate their brand or message. A reasonable business model that supports the development and management of domain names is essential for achieving this objective.

In addition, a reasonable service fee that is affordable and transparent can help to encourage wider usage of domain names. This wider usage can create a network effect, where more people using domain names increases the overall value of domains.

Compared to the inevitable ordinal gas fee associated with many transactions, a reasonable service fee can provide a wider usage scene and add more value to domain names. By incentivizing the use of domains through economic benefits, it is possible to create a thriving ecosystem that benefits both businesses and individuals. Overall, the key to maximizing the potential of domains is to strike the right balance between economic incentives, usability, and affordability.

Q4:Why my domain has not been added to colletion on Magiceden/Openordex?

A4:At the moment, Magic Eden does not support dynamic collections. We have reached out to them requesting this feature, but its implementation is subject to their development progress and beyond our control.

In the meantime, we are manually adding domains to the collection, updating it every week. Your domain should be visible in the collection within few days. As for the photo issue, it is related to the collection feature as well. Once your domain is added to the collection, the photo will display correctly.

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