BTC Domain Roadmap

This document outlines the preliminary roadmap of the project. It is important to note that the contents are subject to change as we frequently adjust our subgoals in response to ongoing exploration within the solution space. Although the information may not be up-to-date at the time of reading, it provides valuable insight into our current objectives and direction.

The primary goal of BTC Domain is to develop a user-friendly domain system that enhances the convenience of Bitcoin transactions exclusively within the Bitcoin network. Unlike solutions such as Stacks, there will be no involvement of external chains. While the statement of this objective may be refined for clarity, its core focus will remain unchanged

Milestone 1: User-friendly Domain Registration and Resolution System utilizing Ordinals Tech

Users can utilize to register and monitor the status of their domain.

Milestone 2: BTC-based Resolver

Developers and tech enthusiasts can create their own resolver services independently, achieving full decentralization without any interaction with BTC Domain. It is important to note that, for this version of the resolver, we cannot prevent malicious behavior. Trust is established by the resolver services provider. For more information, please refer to our github.

Milestone3: BTC-based ZK Resolver

By leveraging Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology, we can extend trust to every user, significantly reducing the potential for malicious behavior. To learn more, please refer to our technology highlights section.

  • ZK Index Process

  • ZK API Response

  • Proofs with Recursive STARKs

Milestone4: Mulit-Sig Regesitar

Achieving a balance between decentralization and uniqueness in the domain registration process is crucial to ensure security and trust within the ecosystem. One way to address this challenge is by leveraging multi-signature technology, which can provide greater decentralization while maintaining the integrity of the registration process. To learn more, please refer to our technology highlights section.

  • Determine Key Holder Standard

  • Confirm First Key Holder Council

Milestone5: ZK Mulit-Sig Regesitar

Utilizing Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology, we can ensure that during the registration process, each key holder verifies the availability of the domain name, and all data remains trustworthy.

  • Rewrite Mulit-Sig Regesitar with Cairo

  • Publish ZK Program

  • Publish Verification Method

  • Update Regesitar Process

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