Inscribe BTC domains


Registering a BTC domain is a straightforward process that shares similarities with registering an ENS domain. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps required to register a BTC domain, from choosing a name to finalizing the registration.

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Step 1

Switch the MetaMask wallet network to the Ethereum Mainnet, click the "Connect Wallet" button in the top right corner to connect MetaMask and there will be a new corresponding BTC wallet.

Step 2

Enter the name you want in the search box on the website, such as “btcdomains”. If the domain have been registered, when you click the "search"button, it will show the details about this domain.

If the domain name is not registered, click the “search” button and you will be redirected to the payment page.

Step 3

Please provide your address to receive the BTC Domain and select the desired registration period(minimum 1 year, maximum 5 years). Once completed, click the “Next Step” button to proceed with payment.

Step 4

Pay with BTC

Now, you can view the BTC receiving address for BTCDOMAIN, and you can select a BTC wallet to transfer BTC to us.


Pay with ETH

On the payment page, click the "ETH" button and then click "Connect Metamask Wallet" to proceed with the payment. Please note: Do not close the page immediately after making the payment, as the system needs approximately 180 seconds to convert your paid ETH into BTC and automatically click the "Next Step" button for you. You may leave the page during this time, but please do not close it, otherwise the minting process cannot begin.

Step 5

Once the transaction is confirmed by the Bitcoin network, the domain will be locked and inscribed to you. Please note that the the inscription and domain transferring process may take more than 20 minutes.After receiving the domain at your address, you can use it or trade it.

Step 6

To learn more about how to use different BTC wallets to purchase our BTC domains, please refer to our Medium article


Registering a BTC domain is a simple process that involves choosing a domain name, verifying its availability, and completing the registration fee transaction. By following these steps, you can secure your desired domain and start using it once the inscription and transfer processes are complete.

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