Domain Name Requirements and Restrictions


When choosing a domain name, it is important to adhere to certain guidelines and restrictions to ensure compatibility and accessibility across various systems. In this section, we outline the domain name length requirements and character limitations for our domain registration system.

Domain Length Requirements

To strike a balance between usability and future growth, domain names must have a minimum length of 4 characters (inclusive) and a maximum length of 32 characters (also inclusive). These requirements have been carefully chosen to address specific concerns related to domain name length.

Avoiding Short Domain Names: Requiring a minimum domain name length of 4 characters helps reserve more space for future domain registrations. If domain names were allowed to be too short, there would be a limited number of available combinations, which could lead to domain name scarcity and increased competition for short domain names.

Preventing Excessively Long Domain Names: Limiting domain names to a maximum of 32 characters ensures that they do not become too long, which could cause problems in various systems. Excessively long domain names can be difficult to remember, type, and display on devices with limited screen space. Furthermore, they can potentially cause issues with system compatibility, as some platforms may not support domain names beyond a certain length.

Character Limitations

At this time, our domain registration system only supports English letters (both uppercase and lowercase) and numbers (0-9) as valid characters for domain names. This restriction is in place to ensure compatibility with various systems and devices, as well as to minimize potential issues with character encoding or interpretation.


By adhering to these domain name requirements and character limitations, users can ensure that their chosen domain names are compatible with a wide range of systems and easily accessible to users worldwide. As the domain registration system evolves, additional character support and features may be considered to further enhance the flexibility and versatility of domain names.

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